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Many types of new carousel for sale Beston Carousels. Merry go round carousel, as one of the most traditional amusement park rides, really produces in different types and models. With the development of our amusement rides industry, vintage sole carousels can’t meet tourist’s needs. Then more and more new carousels appeared in the factory of amusement rides manufacturer.

Kiddie Carousel For Sale

As its name shows us, kiddie carousel is designed for kids. There are mainly two kinds of kiddie carousel for sale in the carousel rides markets: One is carousels with music box, the other one is coin operated kiddie rides carousel. These two kinds of are all attractive for its lovely and luxury appearance. Because children are curious about the novel things, variety of appearance could get the carousel more attention from the children.

Antique Carousel For Sale

Antique carousel is also a kind of thrill rides, it is history, it is art, it is something for every generation and will never fade away. It is a place for people to gather and meet, just as it was several centuries ago. It is a place for people to smile, laugh and relax. It is also a place where you can step back to recall good times and make brand new memories that will last.

Double Decker Carousel For Sale

It is a luxury ride with its upper and lower floors running respectively and splendid royal decoration. There are 2 levels that visitors will be able to experience when it is complete including two fully lit staircases that will take guests up to the higher level. There will be an assortment of beautiful traditional horses on the carousel; below you can see them as they are installed into the poles where they will glide up and down – with you on board of course!

More Carousels For Sale from Beston Amusement:

16 seat new carousel

Merry Go Round for Sale with Horses

Merry go round for sale with horses, also called carousel rides in the amusement rides manufacturer. It is a kind ...
Park Carousel for Sale

Top-drive Carousel Ride for Sale

Carousel ride has been the most attractive attraction in the amusement park. Sometimes, we also call it merry go round ...
Ocean carousel

Indoor Ocean Carousel for Sale

Indoor ocean carousel for sale, attractive appearance kiddie carousel rides in Beston Amusement Factory. A new kiddie carousel rides for ...
Indoor Carousel Ride from Beston

Indoor Carousel for Sale

Welcome to Buy Indoor Carousel for Sale from Beston Carousels! Indoor carousel is a kind of carousel ride which can ...

Ocean Carousel for Sale

Beston ocean carousel for sale you can buy for amusement parks. Ocean theme carousel is also a kind of kiddie ...

Fairground Carousel for Sale

Fairground carousel for sale from Beston Amusement which refers to classic amusement rides we usually seen in the amusement park, ...
Vintage carousel horse from Beston

Carousel Horse for Sale

Carousel horse is the most important part for carousel rides. Generally speaking, these horses are made by strong fiberglass( FRP), ...
Carousel Mini With Snow White

Small Carousel for Sale

Want to buy small carousel for sale from Beston Amusement for your funfair, store and amusement park? With a small ...
Fiberglass carousel ride for sale from Beston

Fiberglass Carousel for Sale

Fiberglass carousel for sale is a kind of durable ride which is widely used in playground, square, park, kindergarten, building ...
Grand Carousel Rides for Sale

Grand Carousel for Sale

Different types of grand carousel for sale you can buy from Beston Amusement Rides company. Grand carousel is a kind ...
16 Seat Carousel Ride for Kids

Kiddie Carousel for Sale

Kiddie carousel ride is the earliest classic amusement machine in the market and is very popular among tourists. Because of ...

Popular Spinning Rides For Sale:

Thrill Energy Storm Ride For Sale

Energy Storm Ride For Sale

Energy storm ride is a kind of thrill amusement ride that also belongs to the spinning rides. It has become ...
Beston Fighting Shark Island Ride For Sale

Fighting Shark Island Rides For Sale

Fighting shark island amusement ride is a kind of new interesting ride for family. It is a kind of spinning ...
Quality Jump And Smile Ride For Sale

Jump And Smile Rides For Sale

Jump and smile ride is a kind of spinning and jump thrill ride which is popular in the amusement parks ...
Beston quality self-control plane ride for sale

Self-control Plane For Sale

Self-control plane is a popular amusement ride which is widely used in the amusement park and large squares. It is ...
Teacups Ride For Family

Teacups Rides For Sale

Teacups rides for sale, a kind of spinning amusement family ride that is characterized by cup-style spinning vehicles atop a ...
Beston Quality Rotary Bee Ride For Sale

Rotary Bees For Sale

Rotary bee is another kind of spinning ride which is popular among kids. It is a new type of rotary ...
Beston Jellyfish Ride In The Funfairs

Spinning Jellyfish Rides For Sale

Jellyfish Ride is a kind of small size amusement ride which is designed by Beston Rides. It is a kind ...
Apache Ride For Kids

Kiddie Apache Ride For Sale

Swing Apache is a kind of kiddie ride. It is designed according to the image of Apache- A cute cartoon ...
Fairground Kangaroo Jumping Ride

Kangaroo Jump Ride For Sale

Kangaroo Jump is a kind of activity which is loved by kids and adults in the carnivals. So amusement rides ...
Amusement Park Samba Balloon Ride For Carnivals

Samba Balloon Rides For Sale

Samba balloon rides for sale, popular family amusement rides for amusement parks. It is a new kind of spinning rides ...
Amusement Ocean Walk Ride For Sale

Rotary Ocean Walk Rides For Sale

Ocean walk spinning ride is a kind of new kiddie amusement equipment. It is designed according to the samba balloon ...
Dinosaur Swing Chair Rides for Kids

Swing Carousel For Sale

Swing carousel for sale, also called chair swing rides, swing rides. It is a kind of flying tower or swing ...

New Amusement Park Rides for Sale:

Bumper cars for sale for amusement park

Amusement Park Bumper Cars for Sale

Amusement park bumper cars for sale, as the most popular amusement rides in the funfair and amusement parks, also called ...

Battery Powered Drift Car for Sale

A battery car ride for sale which is newly designed by our designer. We also call them the drift car ...
Robot Amusement Rides for Sale

Robot Amusement Rides for Sale

Robot ride is a new kind of amusement ride which is designed by our professional designer and manufactured by our ...
Kiddie 8 seat pirate ship ride for sale

Mini Pirate Ship for Sale Manufacturer

Mini pirate ship which is the smaller version of pirate ship rides are hot sale in our factory - Beston ...

Beston Carousel Rides to Different Countries - Exporting and Installing Cases:

Carousel for Sale In Philippines

Carousel for Sale Philippines

Many different types of carousel for sale in the Philippines from Beston Amusement Group. A classic amusement rides that is ...
Disney carousel rides for sale

Beston Carousel Rides for Sale to Nigeria

Beston has been exported to many sets of carousel rides to Nigeria, different types of carousel rides has been exported ...

Double Decker Carousel to Indonesia

Several weeks ago, our Indonesia customer come to our factory for their double-decker carousel and some small amusement rides, a ...

Amusement Rides Exhibition in Moscow

Beston Carousel Rides manufacturer attend the Amusement Rides Exhibition in Moscow. Lots of friends come to our stall during the period ...
Our Customer From Tajikistan on Le Bar Car Rides with Our Manager Jing

Tajikistan Customer to Our Factory

Our customer from Tajikistan. Tajikistan Customer have a visit to our factory and try some rides in our factory with our manager, ...
Our sales manager Gaby with her customer

Customer From Palestine to Our Factory

Our sale manager, Gaby with her Palestine customer in our factory. They came to our factory and look around the whole ...
Contract with Byelorussian in Beston

Our Business with the Byelorussian

Our products use the environmental protection glass fiber reinforced plastic material. With its characters of environmental protection, corrosion resistance, good ...
Our customer from Russia come to our factory

Double Decker Carousel Order With Russia Customers

Nowadays, carousels become a necessary and popular theme park ride, almost all kids and adults like the carousels.  Maybe just ...

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