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  • Double Decker Carousel Ride Sold to the Philippines
    2023-03-23 / No Comments / Cases Good news, the 46 seaters double-decker carousel ride that purchased by the Philippine customer has been successfully installed and will be put into operation soon. Are you interested in a carousel ride with large capacity for your park business? Contact us for more about the double-decker carousel ride! [caption id="attachment_2002" align="aligncenter" width="700"] 2-Story Carousel Ride

  • Carousel for Sale Philippines
    2019-06-14 / No Comments / Cases Many different types of carousel for sale in the Philippines from Beston Amusement Group. A classic amusement rides that is popular for the family and kids fun in the amusement park.  Carousel ride is a long-established, classic, and stable passenger amusement ride. At the same time, the carousel is also a type of swimming horse

  • Beston Carousel Rides for Sale to Nigeria
    2017-12-21 / No Comments / Cases Beston has been exported to many sets of carousel rides to Nigeria, different types of carousel rides has been exported to Nigeria from Beston Amusement. Other amusement park rides has been exported and installed in Nigeria amusement park. We are a professional carousel rides manufacturer who has done lots of business with amusement parks, funfairs,

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