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Henan Beston Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a large-scale amusement, kids and water rides manufacturer in the city of Zhengzhou,China. We are also the professional manufacturer in kiddie rides developing, designing and producing. We have lots of excellent designer and professional technician. The rides we produced has got great praises from the clients around our whole countries.

We had become one of the largest mechanical Amusement Equipment Manufacturers in China. Our products are widely used in parks, supermarkets, scenic spots, community, playgrounds, kindergartens and other places. We pride ourselves in providing various amusement products which had passed CE and ASTM certification. “Clients first, children and passengers favor” is our main purpose.

As a leading amusement rides manufacturer, Beston carousel is hot-sale for its high quality and variety of types. Here are some lists about Beston carousels for sale:

  • Kiddie carousel, family carousel,
  • Double decker carousel, simple carousel, antique carousel.
  • Small or miniature carousel, large, deluxe or grand carousel
  • Indoor and fairground carousel

Other related products we produced:

  1.  Family&Kids Ride: Ferris wheel, Mini Ferris wheel Kang’a’bounce, Bumper car, Samba balloon ride, new unfettered rides, Coffee cup ride, Trackless train, Spray ball car, Amphibian tank.
  2.  Pendulum Ride: Big pendulum, Frisbee ride, Surf’s up ride, Disk’o ride
  3.  Drop Tower: Frog hopper
  4. Rides with rails: Worm coaster, mini coaster ride, Mini train
  5. Ferris wheel: Giant Ferris wheel, Mini Ferris wheel.
  6.  Swing Ride: Wave swinger
  7. Thrill Ride: Surf’s up ride, Disk’o ride, Frog hopper, aircraft, mini coaster ride, Pirate ship ride and Frisbee ride.
  8.  Other rides series you want to customize after the consultation between us.

We are reliable partner to the worldwide amusement park companies, our technology and products have been widely used in many famous amusement parks in China. We design and produce variety of amusement rides, at the same time, we also provide our clients the all-round planning programs, or even provide a satisfactory pre-sale, during sale and after-sale services. Our excellent all-round services result in increasing expansion of our customer base. Welcome clients from all around the world to our factory to know more about us! Choose Beston amusement equipment, quality amusement rides matters to your business!

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