Carousel for Sale Philippines

Many different types of carousel for sale in Philippines from Beston Amusement Group. An classic amusement rides that is popular for the family and kids fun in the amusement park.  Carousel ride is  a long-established, classic, and stable passenger amusement ride. At the same time, the carousel is also a type of swimming horse amusement equipment that is similar with the swing rides. The main feature is that there is a large chassis, and the cockpit surrounds the center column on the chassis. Welcome to buy your new carousel rides from Beston Now!

Carousel for Sale In Philippines

BNCR-16A Carousel Rides

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Carousel for Philippines

BNCR-16B Carousel

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Kiddie Carousel for Philippines

BNCR-16C Kiddie Carousel

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Carousel for Philippines

BNCR-16D 16 Seat Carousel

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Kiddie Carousel for Sale In Philippines Mini Carousel for Sale In Philippines
Large Carousel for Sale In Philippines Ocean Themed Carousel for Sale In Philippines
Double Decker Carousel for Sale In Philippines Simple Carousel for Sale In Philippines
Grand Carousel for Philippines

BNCR-24A Grand Carousel

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Ocean Themed Carousel

BNCR_24B Ocean Theme Carousel

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Materials of Beston Carousel Rides for Philippines

Beston carousel rides, belongs to the FRP center pillar carousel. It is a new type of horse-riding amusement equipment for kids and adults. Unlike other horse-turning equipment, its central column is made of a new type of material – fiberglass. The new material is a bit strong and durable, and the quality is very light. It has the characteristics of environmental protection, safety, corrosion resistance and good stability. Therefore, the horse-made amusement equipment made of glass is better than the ordinary one in quality and weight. Our high-quality carousel equipment is ideal for outdoor playgrounds, parks, large squares, and theme parks.

Large Carousel for Philippines

BNCR-24C Large Carousel for Philippines

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New Carousel for Philippines

BNCR-24D New Carousel

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The FRP center pillar carousel rides produced by our company not only uses the glass fiber reinforced plastic material for the center column, but also the appearance parts of the equipment, such as the cornice, the roof, and the horse. The new glass fiber reinforced plastic is used as the raw material because the glass reinforced plastic has Very flexible, can make a variety of shapes and a variety of colors, so the amusement equipment of the horses is made of this material, we mainly produce 12, 16, 24 horses. Of course, it can also be customized according to your requirement.

Why Buy New Carousel for Your Park In Philippines?

  • Carousel is suitable for a wide range of people. Not only can children ride, but adults can also ride, which can increase the fun of parents and children at the same time, and enjoy the romance of the young people. Other equipment has many restrictions, high-altitude equipment, and children should be cautious. Small amusement equipment can only be used by children. Although inflatable products can be played by adults, they are generally restricted to adults and children.
  • The season limit for turning horses is small. Aquatic products, mainly summer. Inflatable products are mainly spring and autumn, and have limited operating hours. The horse can be operated all year round, outdoor, and indoors. It can also be operated at the same time.
  • Carousel has a long service life, and it is stable than other amusement rides, such as roller coasters. Generally, the life of a horse is about 6 to 8 years. On the water, the inflation is generally about 3 years. The same money is invested in horses, the lifespan used is long, and the return is fast. Many operators are willing to operate. Welcome to visit our factory!

As a leading manufacturer, Beston has 3 seat carousel, 4 seat carousel, 6 seat carousel, 16 seat carousel, 24 seat carousel and some double decker carousel with 38 and 46 seats. The color and appearance of our carousel rides can be customized. If you want to buy carousel rides from Beston, just contact us now!

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