Carousel Rides for Sale in South Africa

Welcome to buy carousel rides for sale in South Africa. Types of Carousel Rides for Sale in South Africa from Beston Amusement. Different kinds of carousel rides are available in our factory. We are a professional carousel rides manufacturer who has done lots of business with amusement parks, funfairs and family centers from South Africa.

Beston 26 Seat Clown Carousel Rides

New Carousel for Sale

Many types of new carousel for sale from Beston Amusement Equipment. Merry go round carousel, as one of the most ...
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16 seat new carousel

Merry Go Round for Sale with Horses

Merry go round for sale with horses, also called carousel rides in the amusement rides manufacturer. It is a kind ...
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Backyard carousel with 3 seats

Backyard Carousel for Sale

Welcome to Buy Beston Carousel Rides for Your Backyard! One, three, four, six and even nine seats small carousel equipment ...
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Kids 6 Seat Carousel Rides

Mini Carousels For Sale Manufacturer

Looking to buy mini carousels for sale from Beston Amusement? Here 3 seat, 4 seat and 6 seat mini carousel ...
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Small top-drive carousel ride

Under-drive Carousel Ride for Sale

Compared with the top-drive carousel, the under drive carousel can be easily damaged, but at the same time, it is ...
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Top-drive carousel for sale from Beston

Top-drive Carousel Ride for Sale

Carousel ride has been the most attractive attraction in the amusement park. Sometimes, we also call it merry go round ...
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Ocean carousel

Indoor Ocean Carousel for Sale

Indoor ocean carousel for sale, attractive appearance kiddie carousel rides in Beston Amusement Factory. A new kiddie carousel rides for ...
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Fiberglass carousel ride for sale from Beston

Fiberglass Carousel for Sale

Fiberglass carousel is a kind of durable ride which is widely used in playground, square, park, kindergarten, building area, funfair ...
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Grand Double Decker Carousel for Sale

Double Decker Carousel for Sale

Double decker carousel for sale has double layer which is special carousel rides in Beston Amusement.  It is a classic equipment ...
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Mini Carousel Rides for Sale for South Africa

There are many new models of mini carousel rides for South Africa in our factory. Mini carousel rides are really small in size, their diameters can be 1.5 to 5 meters. There are 3 to 6 seats min carousel rides for kids in stock. Min carousel rides are popular among kids, they are cheap and really attractive than other large carousel rides. Our mini carousel rides has been exported to South Africa for more than 10 times.

Small Carousel Rides for Sale for South Africa

Small carousel rides for sale for South Africa are bigger than the mini carousel rides. They can be 9-12 carousel seats. Small carousel rides usually used for amusement parks, shopping malls and funfairs, they are not suitable for backyard.

Grand Carousel Rides for Sale for South Africa

Grand carousel rides are expensive than the normal carousel rides. They are large and decorated many beautiful decorations. They are more attractive than the common carousel rides.

Double Decker Carousel for Sale in South Africa

Double decker carousel rides can be very large. Also they are expensive than the single decker carousel rides. There are 36-48 seats double decker carousel rides for sale in our factory for South Africa.

Ocean Theme Carousel Rides for Sale in South Africa

Ocean theme carousel is a beautiful carousel rides that designed and manufactured by Beston Amusement. It is attractive than other carousel rides. Each of carousel horse has been replaced by many different types of ocean animals. Such as seahorses.

We also supply customized service for different models of carousel rides for our customer from South Africa. If you are looking for buy new carousel rides for your amusement park in South Africa. Contact us now!

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