Double Decker Carousel Ride Sold to the Philippines

Good news, the 46 seaters double-decker carousel ride that purchased by the Philippine customer has been successfully installed and will be put into operation soon. Are you interested in a carousel ride with large capacity for your park business? Contact us for more about the double-decker carousel ride!

Double Decker Carousel Ride Shio to the Philippines

2-Story Carousel Ride to the Philippines

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Shipping Schedule and Shipping Information

Order received time June 22, 2022
Production completion time July 25, 2022
Delivery time August 16, 2022
Destination port Manila
Packing Bubble wrap

Production and Shipping Details of the 2-Story Carousel Ride

After receiving the customer’s order, we immediately arrange the factory for production. On the premise of ensuring the delivery on schedule, we strictly control the production process to ensure the smooth production of the double-layer carousel. After the production is completed, according to the contract, we will arrange delivery for the customer in time to ensure that the customer can receive the equipment in time without delaying the customer’s installation and operation time.

Horses for the Double Decker Carousel Ride

Carousel Horses

Fiberglass parts for the double decker carousel ride

Fiberglass Parts

Main Structure of the Double Decker Carousel Ride

Main Structure

Two layer carousel ride will be shipping to the Philippines

Carousel Rides Loading

Packing details of double decker carousel ride

Fiberglass Parts Loading

Double dekcer carousel ride is packing

Main Structure Loading

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Double Decker Carousel Ride Running Video

Double Decker Carousel Ride Feedback from the Philippines

Now, the equipment has been installed in the Philippines and will be open to the visitors. The customer is satisfied with the quality and service of our company’s double-decker carousel. After receive more feedback pictures and videos from the client, we will update in this page.

Other Double Decker Carousel Rides In Our Factory

Except this ocean theme carousel ride with 46 seats, we also have other double-decker carousel ride for sale with classic theme and European style. There are 38 seats, 40 seats, 46 seats and 68 seats carousel rides in our factory. Welcome to contact us for details!

Beston double layer carousel ride for sale

Classic Double Decker Carousel Ride

Beston double layer carousel ride for sale

European Style 2-Story Carousel Ride

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Professional Carousel Rides Manufacturer – Beston Amusement

As a professional carousel rides manufacturer and supplier, We, Beston Amusement, has been exporting many sets of carousel rides to the world, including Indonesia, Nigeria, the Philippines, Russia, Kazakhstan, Panama, Turkey, etc. Some of them are purchased separately by the customer, while others are purchased along with other amusement rides for the whole park project. Our carousel ride are novel and high in quality, and have received positive feedback from lots of customers.

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