Fiberglass Carousel for Sale

Fiberglass carousel for sale is a kind of durable ride which is widely used in playground, square, park, kindergarten, building area, carnival etc. Fiberglass carousel rides made by Beston Amusement are mainly adopts high-quality glass fiber reinforced plastics, wood, fiberglass, aluminum, metal and plastics. They have the feature of environmental, corrosion resistance, high stability and reliability which really help the carousel for sale manufacturer and park owners won a lot of attractions. Want to get more about the fiberglass carousel rides? Welcome to contact Beston Rides!

Grand Fiberglass Carousel Ride for Sale from Beston Amusement
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Double Decker Fiberglass Carousel Ride
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Classification of Beston Fiberglass Carousel Rides

As a professional carousel equipment manufacturer, we provide customers with various types of carousel equipment, including 16-seat, 24-seat, 36-seat, 48-seat, and 68-seat models, as well as different themed carousels, such as ocean-themed, Christmas-themed, and European-themed carousels. In addition to the carousels mentioned above, we also accept custom orders for different styled carousel equipment. Customers can contact us for customization according to their needs.

16 Seats Fiberglass Carousel Ride

16 Seats Fiberglass Carousel Ride for Sale
These are small-sized carousel rides designed for children. They typically have 16 seats arranged in a circular motion and are made of fiberglass material. They are usually colorful and decorated with various themes to attract children.
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24 Seats Fiberglass Carousel Rides

24 Seater Fiberglass Carousel Rides for Sale
These carousel rides are slightly bigger than the 16 seats model and can accommodate more children at once. They are also made of fiberglass material and have 24 seats arranged in a circular motion. They come in different themes and designs to suit different requirements.
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36 Seats Fiberglass Carousel Rides

36 Seats Fiberglass Carousel Rides for Sale
This type of carousel ride is larger than both the 16 and 24 seats models and is suitable for both children and adults. They are made of fiberglass material and have 36 seats arranged in a circular motion. They come in different designs and themes and can be decorated with LED lights to create a mesmerizing effect.
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Double Deck Fiberglass Carousel Rides

Two Story Fiberglass Carousel Ride for Sale With Prices
These are the largest and most impressive type of carousel rides. They have two levels of circular motion, with the upper level rotating in the opposite direction of the lower level. They can have up to 72 seats, and their size and capacity make them suitable for large amusement parks and shopping centers. Double-decker carousel rides are also made of fiberglass material and can be decorated with a variety of themes and designs to appeal to different audiences.
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Working Videos of Beston Carousel Rides

Application of Fiberglass On Carousel Rides

Structural Frame

Fiberglass Used On the Structural Frame
Fiberglass is a high-strength, lightweight material that is ideal for manufacturing the structural frame of a carousel. Its durability is also excellent and can withstand regular use and weather changes.

Carousel Figures

Fiberglass carousel horse
Fiberglass can easily be shaped and designed into various shapes, making it easier to manufacture realistic animal figures. Therefore, it is a commonly used material for making carousel figures such as horses, lions, elephants, and more.

Surface Finish

Fiberglass Used On the Carousel Figures
Fiberglass has a smooth surface that is easy to paint and decorate, making it commonly used for carousel surface finishes. For example, to manufacture a carousel with elaborate patterns and details, fiberglass can be covered with pearl paint and other decorative materials.

The Top

Fiberglass Used On the Top of the Carousel Ride
It is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, which plays a decorative role on the one hand and prevents rainwater from entering the center column to corrode the equipment on the other hand.

Overall, the application of fiberglass on carousel equipment is extensive, with advantages such as high strength, lightweight, durability, ease of shaping and designing, and easy surface painting and decoration.

Features of Beston Fiberglass Carousel Rides

In addition to this, Beston fiberglass carousel for sale also equipped with colorful LED lights and sweetly music which makes this carousel rides more attractive for children. Music format support MP3, you can choose your favorite music through a USB disk; You can also control LED lights through” lighting button” which is in the control box. Beston is the largest carousel rides for sale manufacturer in China now.  “Clients First” is our constant pursuit!

Other related information about Beston fiberglass carousel for sale:

All-around post-services to settle user’s troubles back at home.
Exquisite workmanship to serve with good quality
Rich experience in cooperating with famous brand.
It can be made according to playgrounds and users requirements.
Customized service is available, including size, color, design, depends on your idea!

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Why Purchase Fiberglass Carousel Rides for Your Business?

In Beston amusement equipment, we mainly produce the fiberglass carousel ride. Here are two features of the fiberglass carousel for sale:

  • Fiberglass(FRP)  is a good corrosion resistant material & insulating material & thermal insulation material, have high tensile strength and compressive strength which will promise you a long lifespan of the carousel. So most of the carousel for sale are made by FRP & steel which provide you the steel frame, fiberglass decoration and different kinds of animals.
  • Environmental automobile paint make the products looks more vivid and durable, fadeless.

Carousel Ride In the Amusement Park

Fiberglass Carousel Ride in the Amusement Park

Tips for Choosing Fiberglass Carousel Ride

If you are considering purchasing a fiberglass carousel ride, here are some tips to help you choose the best one for your needs:

  • Determine your budget: Carousel rides can vary greatly in price, so it’s important to determine how much you are willing to spend before you start shopping.
  • Consider the size of the ride: Fiberglass carousel rides come in different sizes, so it’s important to choose one that can fit in your available space. Consider the diameter of the ride, as well as the height of the carousel and the poles that extend from it.
  • Choose a theme: Fiberglass carousels can come in a variety of themes, from traditional horses to animals and fantasy characters. Consider the theme of your amusement park or venue and choose a carousel that complements it.
  • Check the manufacturer’s reputation: Look for a manufacturer with a reputation for producing high-quality, reliable carousel rides. Check for certifications and safety standards that the manufacturer has achieved, and read reviews from other buyers.
  • Inspect the ride before purchasing: Before you buy a fiberglass carousel ride, it’s important to inspect it thoroughly to ensure that it is in good working condition. Look for signs of wear and tear, and test all the ride’s features to ensure that they are functioning properly.
  • Consider additional features: Some fiberglass carousels come with additional features like LED lighting, music, and special effects. Consider these features when choosing a carousel, as they can enhance the ride experience for your customers.

By following these tips, you can choose a fiberglass carousel ride that is the right size, theme, and price for your amusement park or entertainment venue, and ensure that it is a safe and enjoyable experience for your customers.

Fiberglass Carousel Rides Manufacturer – Beston Amusement

Beston Amusement is a professional carousel rides manufacturer and supplier. We have a large variety of carousel rides for sale that use high quality fiberglass materials in our factory. We also accept customized order about our carousel rides. The customization can be including color, theme, size, logo, decoration, etc. If you are looking for a new carousel ride that with high quality, welcome to contact Beston Amusement for details!

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