Kiddie Carousel for Sale

Kiddie carousel ride is the earliest classic amusement machine in the market and is very popular among tourists. Because of its unique animal shape and luxurious decoration, it is equipped with beautiful and dazzling lights at night, and is widely favored by tourists. Looking to purchase the newest and most attractive luxury carousel ride for your park? Welcome to contact Beston Amusement!

Kiddie Carousel Amusement Rides for Sale
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Types of Kiddie Carousel Rides for Sale

As a professional manufacturer of amusement equipment, we provide customers with various shapes of carousel rides, including carousels with different themes (ocean style, European style, forest style, etc.), carousels with different layers (single-layer and double-layer), different configurations carousels (common carousel and luxury carousel) and carousels of different sizes (16 seats, 24 seats, 36 seats, 48 seats, 60 seats, 68 seats, etc.), we also accept customization on colors, themes, lighting and other configurations of the kiddie carousel rides. Contact us for a quote on a children’s carousel today!

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Single Decker Carousel Ride for Sale

Single-deck Carousel Ride

Double Decker Kiddie Carousel for Sale

Ocean Theme Double Decker Carousel Ride

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Double Decker Kiddie Carousel Rides for Sale

Grand Double Decker Carousel Ride

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24 Seats Kiddie Carousel Rides for Sale

24- Seat Carousel Ride

36 Seats Kiddie Carousel Ride for Sale

36-seat Kiddie Carousel Ride

68 Seater Kiddie Carousel Rides for Sale

68 Seater Kiddie Carousel Rides

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Ocean Theme Kiddie Carousel Ride for Sale

Ocean Theme Carousel Ride

Royal Style Kiddie Carousel Park Ride for Sale

Royal Style Kiddie Carousel Ride

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Classic Kiddy Carousel Ride for Sale from Beston

Classic Kiddy Carousel Rides

Application of Kids Carousel Rides

Kids carousel rides are popular amusement park attractions designed for children. These rides consist of a circular platform with a series of seats or animals mounted on it that go up and down in a gentle motion, while the platform itself rotates. The main application of kiddie carousel rides is to provide entertainment for children at amusement parks, carnivals, fairs, and other outdoor events. These rides are designed to be safe and fun for kids, and they can help to create a memorable experience for families.

Kiddie Carousel Used in the Theme Park

Theme Park

Kiddie Carousel Rides Used In the Amusement Park

Amusement Park

Kids Carousel Rides Used in the Square


Kiddie Carousel Ride Used in the Shopping Mall

Shopping Mall

Kiddie Carousel Rides Used in Indoor Park

Indoor Park

Kiddie Carousel Rides Used In the Business Center

Business Center

Features of Beston Kiddie Carousel Rides

Attractive design

The design is novel, and the mechanical structure is relatively simple. Each link is marked after leaving the factory, making installation and transportation easier.

High-quality Lighting

Using high-quality LED chips for colorful light sources, as well as a high-quality audio system, making visitors feel like they are in a colorful fairy tale dream.


Smooth Fiberglass

Three layers of fiberglass cloth are used, which is smooth, durable, and has a bright paint color. The design can be customized.

High-quality Materials

All steel materials are purchased from well-known domestic brands, with preferred Q235B steel materials, brand electronic components.

Low Cost

Low maintenance cost, good safety performance, comfortable experience, and long equipment life.

Working Videos of Kiddy Carousel Rides

In the process of equipment production and recording, we have shot a lot of children’s carousel videos for customers to know about our children’s carousel equipment in advance. At the same time, we also have many children’s carousels in stock in the factory. Welcome new and old customers to visit the old factory:

Recent Transaction Case

Our children’s carousel has been exported to many countries in the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Malaysia, Nigeria, Indonesia, Moldova, Russia and more than 80 countries. Customers are very satisfied with the novel shape and quality of our carousel equipment :

68 Seats Double Decker Carousel Ride to Russia

Double Decker Carousel Ride to Russia

24 Seat Carousel Ride to Indonesia

24 Seater Carousel Ride In Indonesia

24 Seater Carousel Ride to the Philippines

24 Seater Carousel Ride to the Philippines

Product Material Selection and Production Process

In the process of material selection and manufacturing, we insist on using the best materials to ensure the quality of the equipment, keep improving, and provide customers with the most popular carousel amusement equipment.


Noise reduction chassis for kiddie carousel ride
The carousel we produce is made of patterned steel plate or aluminum embossed plate, and the pattern on the equipment has anti-skid function. Moreover, we added a layer of bamboo plywood under the checkered plate, which can effectively reduce the noise during equipment operation.

Steel Material

Steel Material for Kiddie Carousel Ride
The steel materials used in the manufacturing process of the carousel are all purchased from well-known domestic brands, and have been polished by professional workers, anti-rust spray paint and final top coat to prevent corrosion and rust of the equipment and extend the service life of the equipment.


Cornice for Kiddie Carousel Ride
Our carousel cornice knots are beautiful in shape and can be customized according to customer needs. At the same time, the cornices are installed piece by piece. It is convenient for transportation and installation, and the material is fiberglass, which increases the beauty of the product.

Equipment Lighting

Equipment Lighting for Kiddie Carousel Ride
The lights of our children’s carousel equipment are all Guangzhou LED lights, which are quite cool. The light will not fade after three years of use. 100% waterproof, so don’t worry about the problem that the lights will be broken when encountering rain and snow.

Fiberglass Horse

Fiberglass Horse for Kiddie Carousel Rides
We have our own FRP production workshop, and each FRP has embedded iron parts to ensure its firmness and durability. The painting is done by a master with more than 10 years of experience, which ensures the bright and durable color.


Handrails for Kiddie Carousels
All the handrails are made of stainless steel, with patterns on them, which have anti-skid effect; the material of the lantern seat is metal or plastic, the metal is beautiful and durable, but the price is high, and all the rotating ones are usually equipped with plastic.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy Kiddie Carousel Rides?

The price of a children’s carousel ride mainly ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Its price is affected by many factors, including configuration (lighting, music, etc.), size, theme and so on. If you want to know the price of our carousel rides, welcome to send us your inquiry including (capacity, theme, etc.). We will send quotation as soon as possible.

Positive Feedback from Regular Customer

Positive Feedback for Kids Carousel Ride

Kids Carousel Ride Customer Feedback

Kiddie Carousel Rides Manufacturer – Beston Amusement

As a professional manufacturer of amusement equipment, we not only provide customers with a variety of carousel equipment, but also other park amusement equipment, including Ferris wheel, flying chair, pirate ship ride, big pendulum ride, bumper car ride, train, tumbler, etc. While providing amusement equipment to customers, we also provide customers with one-stop park solutions, including park design, equipment production, transportation, on-site installation, after-sales, park operation guidance, etc. If you plan to invest in park projects, welcome to contact us!

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