Merry Go Round for Sale with Horses

Merry go round for sale with horses, also called carousel rides in the amusement rides manufacturer. It is a kind of non-thrill rides which is attractive to family with its beautiful and novel design appearances. As one of the traditional equipment, merry go round carousel comes with different shapes, sizes and seats. Rides Are Available In Our Factory! Cheap Price with Parts of Carousel Rides in Stock! They Are Here (In Our Factory’s Workshop) Waiting for Your Visit!

Backyard carousel with 3 seats

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Fiberglass carousel ride for sale from Beston

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Kiddie 16 Seat Carousel Rides

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Merry Ground for Sale with Horses from Beston Group

Top-drive and down-drive merry go round carousel merry go round are divided by its working types. Top-drive merry go round are cheaper than the down-drive ones. Top one horse rides are more attractive and beautiful, people riding on the horses will have a feeling that they are riding on a real horse. Down-drive carousel are simple and cheap.

Three Seats Merry Go Round Carousel for Sale With Horses

Seats means horses, but not equal to the quantity of horses. Because, most of seats are made up of horses, there still be several carriage. For example, most of three seats are made up of three horses with different colors, but we can also custom our customer a different mini merry ground, two cute horses with one carriage. Kids could select which one they will ride freely. As 3 seater merry go round carousel mainly used by kids, they often produced in different shapes and appearances. For example, in our factory, we have pink theme mini carousel for princess, grand angel theme mini horse carousel, and goose theme small carousel. All of these are in great demand in our factory, we have several order in queue.

Six Seats Merry Go Round with Horses

There are two models 6 seats kiddie merry go rounds, one is the palace theme carousel, the other one is the Disney theme kiddie carousel. These two carousel sets could be made into 6 horses’ model and 5 horses with one carriage model. Colors of these rides can be customized, yellow, golden, and pink for you to choose!

Larger Merry Go Round Carousel with 12, 24, 36 Horses

Larger carousel for playground are often used for commercial. Amusement parks, funfairs, shopping centers and other outdoor places are the best places for these rides. Prices of simple, medium and grand merry-go rounds are varies. If you need more information about these carousel and horses, just contact us, our sales manager will contact you as soon as possible.

Materials of Merry-go-round equipment : the main structure of the equipment are made of steel while horses are made of fiberglass.

Most people love merry go round with horses, but as an professional amusement rides manufacturer, we also produce carousel merry-go around with different animals. For example, Lion, tiger, deer, giraffe and so on. We have lots of giraffe models in our factory.

We, Beston, has been involved in amusement rides industry for more than 20 years. We accept customized order and we also has many types of available merry go around carousel models. We provide the best merry go round carousel horses for sale. Anyone who need available models will get their equipment earlier than the people who want to custom a special carousel ride. Our customer who want to get a new model will should pay more money, because open a new mold is expensive.

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