Steps for Choosing Carousel Rides

Carousel amusement ride is a kind of non-irritating amusement project. It mainly depends on beautiful appearance, colorful lights and wonderful music to attract people, so the overall shape of turning horses is very, very important. No matter how interesting a product is, as long as the appearance can not attract people within time, it is impossible to bring customers to it. On the contrary, as long as the product can attract customers in time and give customers a good impression, he may become your regular customer And the shape of the horse is very important. The customer must make a second and third time to stabilize the customer. This requires a variety of horses, and each type must have a meaning, each Making a styling horse will give the customer a hint, that is, what kind of luck the trojan he sits on will give him what kind of good luck, so that everyone will come to ride your carousel again even if it is auspicious.

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The overall quality of the carousel. If you want to attract customers for a long time, you must make customers believe in your products. If there is a problem with the carousel while the customer is riding your carousel, it will definitely have an impact on the customer. Your product is not good and it will also affect The mood of customers playing, at the same time you will lose a certain “old customer”.

Selection of motor. This is the core of the whole carousel. If the motor fails to meet the standards and fails, a carousel may not be able to move if it is fully seated according to the rated occupants. If it is forced, the incidental results are tire tyres and motor capacitors. Burning and other conditions are a very bad phenomenon for both the customer and the operator. On the one hand, it will affect the customer’s mood, and on the other hand, it will bring you a lot of maintenance costs and operating loss costs.

Design of transmission link. Regardless of the upper or lower transmission, the transmission is an important part after the motor, and the core of this part is the connecting rod. All the supporting forces of the ups and downs of the two rows of horses are in the connecting rod, so the connecting rod part must be It can adjust the imbalance when the carousel rotates, so as to avoid the broken link due to the inability to adjust.

Whether electrical accessories are qualified. If the electrical accessories are not produced by a regular manufacturer, the indicators in all aspects cannot be reached, and even if there is a problem, even if the loss is not discussed, this will affect the business of the operator to a certain extent. At the same time, check the warranty period of various accessories. The warranty period of regular manufacturers is half a year. The warranty period of accessories determines the manufacturer’s warranty period. If the manufacturer’s warranty period is longer than the warranty period of accessories, this is definitely a false promise because No manufacturer will replace you for free outside the warranty period of the accessories.

Analysis and judgment of paint. The paint effect must be fresh, bright, and light when it leaves the factory. FRP products can only be achieved by car-specific paints. If the paint effect is dim and dull, the workmanship is rough, and the wind will not fade for less than half a year because The early work is not done well, and the later results must be very poor. The decoration of a carousel is all in the glass fiber reinforced plastic part, so this part must be fine, thin and bright.

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