Under-drive Carousel Ride for Sale

Compared with the top-drive carousel, the under drive carousel can be easily damaged, but at the same time, it is easier to repair than the top-drive one. Usually the simple carousel ride adopt the under-drive mode, its cost is lower than the top-drive one and the require for material is lower too. And it is suitable for the user who is lack of funding, or it can be placed in the small town. But for the top-drive mode, it is usually applied to the grand or the double decker carousel ride. But for the drive mode, the passengers experiences is totally different.

Carousel ride has been one of the most popular amusement ride in the amusement market. Generally speaking, the park, funfair, mall owners usually purchase one.

As a leading and professional equipment manufacturer, Beston produce these two kinds of carousel. No matter which one you choose you can inform us before. Our under-drive carousel rides has been exported to all over the world, and at the same time we had got lot of praises from our old customers.

Advantages of Beston Top-drive Carousels:

  • FRP & Steel, steel frame, environmental automobile paint
  • Fiberglass decoration, horses and other animals
  • Perfect working order, easy maintenance
  • Rotating circular platform with seats
  • Customized products available based on your detailed requirements.
NameUnder-drive carousel
Total Weight2/3/4ton
Lifting height20-30cm
Total Power3/6/7KW
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