B0065-ZMM68A 68 Seater Carousel Ride


B0065-ZMM68A is currently our company’s best-selling 68-seat European-style deluxe double-decker carousel. This carousel features synchronous rotation of the upper and lower levels, showcasing a luxurious European royal classical decoration style. The surrounding of the double-decker platform is adorned with decorative panels, with colored reliefs embedded in the ceiling and inner panels. The canopy’s crown tower reaches into the sky, complemented by ever-changing lights, presenting a magnificent and splendid appearance. The horses and palace-style carriages are adorned with colorful floral decorations, with an internal staircase providing direct access to the second floor.

Technical Parameters

ParameterParameter ValueParameterParameter Value
Carriage2Turntable diameter12 m
Rotation diameter11 mCeiling height3 m
Equipment height11.5mSpeed3.6 rpm
Running height5mMax Speed7.4km/h
Lighting power3kWх2Installed capacity35kVA
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